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Online Piano Lessons

Get 1 on 1 lessons without leaving your home or paying someone extra to come to your home.

Singing Online

While in-person lessons are ideal for singing, not everyone has the time. Online lessons give you more freedom.


Youtube Videos

See my ever growing library of instructional videos by subscribing to my youtube channel.

2 Week Lessons

Some adult learners do best with lessons every 2 weeks. This gives you time to practice and not feel rushed to learn.

Weekly Lessons

Most students do best with lessons every week. Even if little progress is made I can help you stay on track.

Self Teaching

Some students do fine with video help. I suggest getting lessons once every 2-3 months in this situation to make sure no bad habits form.

About Me

I am a singer/pianist who started playing piano at 6. I have experience in many different genres of music including classical, theater, and popular. 
My goal as a teacher is to help you to find something you love in music while learning all the basics and technique you need to succeed. 
For more information on me see my About page.

Questions about lessons?

Check takelessons.com/with/Phillip

Here you can find more information and even sign up for lessons