All lessons with Phillip are online. Pricing is per lesson and payments are made through PayPal.

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Patient Teacher

I have been making slow, but steady progress with Phillip this year. I received piano lessons from my children as a Christmas gift last year and it made my heart fill with Joy! I cannot imagine anyone else willing to work with me in such a kind, encouraging, and understanding way. He is great with kids, but he is exceptional with the older generation, as well! Choose wisely, choose Phillip!

Great Musical Understanding

My kids had a wonderful learning time with Phillip.We like the new thing he brought to the kids,about his undestanding of the music,the style of the composers and the skills deal with some certain notes.
Also with his help the kids set up their new goals and were introduced a more balanced training methods and books.We’d like to cooperate with his tutoring to help kids achieve it.

Effective Instructor

Phillip has been an extremely effective and professional instructor, with a sterling personality that makes lessons go by in no time flat. Lessons are well considered, and there’s a genuine dialogue about what seems to work and what doesn’t. I was nervous selecting an online teacher, but I’ve been pleased and most importantly musically fulfilled since beginning with Phillip and look forward to each week’s lesson.

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