Lessons and Pricing

Below is the base pricing for piano and voice lessons in your home. All lesson pricing is per lesson. Travel fee starts at $5/lesson depending on distance.

Pay by cash, check, or credit.


Piano lessons are available for ages 4 to adult. My oldest student to date was 76, so it’s never late to start.


Learning to sing is a goal of many people today. I teach you to use your voice correctly to feel more confident in whatever style of singing you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too late for me to start piano lessons?
It is never too late to start learning something new or to bring back something you started learning as a child.
I want to get on The Voice or any other singing program, how can you help me?
Although no teacher can guarantee that they can get you on any television contest, lessons can help you to gain the knowledge and confidence to give it the best shot possible.
What age should my child start piano lessons?
That depends a lot on your child. The youngest I start is 4 years old. The developmental age of the child is very important. This does not mean that a child ready for piano at 4 is any smarter than a child who isn’t ready until 5. It only means that each child is different and develops at a different speed. For example, every child learns to walk at a different age, but that does not mean that the child walking at 6 months is going to be a sports star any more than the one who starts walking at 16 months.
How long will it take to learn to play piano?
The answer to this question depends on many different things:

  1. natural ability
  2. desire to learn
  3. time practicing at home
  4. style of music you wish to play

There is no way to even give a reasonable estimate, but I will say that for a beginner to get to a level where they can play some tunes that they can enjoy can take anywhere from 6 months to many years depending on goals.

Piano and Voice Lessons

Piano Lessons are giving to ages 4 and up. For ages 4 & 5 a parent must be present during the lesson because a large part of learning happens at home. The parent must learn alongside the child. I also have lessons for adults, not only children, and my teaching method can lead to any style of playing.
Voice lessons are given to all ages, but for children under 12 piano lessons are recommended to give a musical “foundation.”

Any More Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.